To be fair, Krabill probably didn't pin the throttle on the revs like I did. After all, its new, and its mine not his. I'd be a little gentle on someone else's new bike too. Plus, add the little snot factor. My honor had been challenged. So, I'm not convinced that Krabill has really experienced all that is hiding inside this blue beauty, yet. He talks mean, but he's really good with my bikes. I'd trust him on any of them. Well, almost you'll soon see.

Next up was the KLR650. We rode Krabill's since it was out there already. Not bad if you like riding elephants! It runs good, and he's got a rock hard stiff suspension. Might as well be a Hard-Tail. It’s long-legged and fast, so you can race into a turn. Just can't stop! The brakes SUCK² (yeah..."squared..." you caught that). And, its sooooo lethargic. But, we can get around the track with it alright. Just don't jump them too much. I don't want craters formed in my landing areas!

Honestly, most of you wouldn't believe what Krabill and I do on our KLR's. At least we think we ride them beyond the intended design limits. The Ozark200 Dualsport ride turned out to be a hardcore enduro for about 3/4 of the way. Most guys were out there riding for fun on their MX bikes. I was out there riding for my life on the KLR...once I was past the “point of no return.” I completed all of first day (every single foot of it). Survived it all. Even rode home afterward. Don't EVER want to do that again on a KLR. That's why I bought the WR250R. So I would never tempt myself to get stuck in that kind of situation again (but stupid me…I did…one last time).

Anyway, the KLR will do the track. It’s ok. But in the end, way too much work, and not nearly as fun as all the other bikes. Biggest problem is if you--when you--go down (which we didn't), you won't like trying to get out from under the KLR; let alone trying to pick it up by yourself. It’s a real FAT PIG…and just LOVES to lie on the ground (taking naps). But, I love my KLR. We've been thru so much together. Don't know if I could ever part with it.

Since we're on "Heavies," I decided to roll out my KTM950 and give it a track test. All the other guys were more like, “eek!”

Never ran the Black Princess on the little track before. Gee...really wasn't that bad. Sure had enough power. Actually cornered well, took the bumps good, and I even jumped it...but it kind of bottomed out the front suspension hard on landing. Found the best use for it though...when the little snot came charging up behind me again, I pinned the throttle and gave him the biggest dirt shower of his little life! was beautiful.

But he's young, and seems to be a slow learner. After about 4 more tornado showers, he sorted things out and backed off...way off. Next up, I've got Krabill in my sights. Gee...I think I got him dirty. Maybe I'll let him tell the rest of the story.

WR250R > KTM950 on track. But it was close.

Next Up: Krabill on the MX Track Cont'd