Oh yeah…the seat. I almost forgot all about that. I didn't have high hopes for it, since, well, it looks like a dirtbike seat. I've always felt pretty comfortable on the KLR's seat, but after a couple hours it starts feeling a little too soft. The WRR's seat is much firmer, but since it is so much narrower than the KLR's I thought that might be an issue.

During my street ride on the WRR, I kept trying to pay attention to my comfort level because I was looking for weaknesses from the little 250. Or maybe I was actually trying to find "excuses" for not wanting to buy one, but I just kept completely forgetting about comfort. I'd realize I wasn't paying enough attention to it, so I would consciously think about where I was feeling pressure points on my butt, or vibrations, or fatigue issues, but the problem was…there just weren't any. This really became apparent after I climbed back on my KLR to ride home…and I could immediately feel everything wrong with it that I was looking for on the WRR. Uncomfortable seat, vibrations, and awkward handling.

WRR > KLR for comfort, handling, and fit.

I've put a few miles on HF's DR and I'll agree with him that the motor is wonderful and the suspension is pretty darn good too, I just can't get comfortable on that bike for anything. The seat is too close to the pegs and its way too soft to sit on for more than a few minutes. I'm not a "big" guy - 5'-9", but I still feel cramped up something fierce on that bike.

I also got really fatigued riding the DR in the woods. I don't know what is more to blame with that issue - the cramped riding position, the overly-stiff throttle, or the vibrations, but that bike just plumb wore me out.

The WRR has been the complete, polar-opposite (so far, anyway). The seat is comfortable, there are virtually no perceptible vibrations, the peg-seat-handlebar position fit me perfectly, and I feel like I could ride that bike all day long without a hint of fatigue.

Next Up: Into the Dirt