The "MX track" we were riding is basically a track cut out of a tall grass field with a couple little jumps built in for good measure. Lots of tight turns…all of them flat (no berms).

I will say that while the stock Bridgestones weren't completely useless, I was two wheel drifting pretty much every corner and I believe proper knobs would have cut that down a little bit. The little 250 motor really stuck out here as corner exits weren't the rear tire sliding fun that the WR450 was capable of, but then again I really think the 450 motor is a bit much for a track as tight as this one.

Corners on the 250 were a inside-leg-out, lay-it-over, pin-the-throttle-to-the-stop kind of affair while the 450 is more of a use-just-enough-throttle-not-to-send-you-into-orbit kind of affair. The track has a very tight S turn in it and the little 250 was very eager to be tossed from one side to the other with surprisingly little effort.

It also handled the jumps pretty well. It certainly doesn't have MX suspension, but it was pretty smooth. One obstacle it didn't really like was the breaking bumps before a couple of the corners. I think it would probably be better with a little tweaking since the clickers were still pretty much as it came out of the crate, but it was really chattering while I was sloughing off speed over the little bumps.

Overall - a little heavier than a MX bike, the suspension could use some tweaking, and it was a little underpowered for the track. It'll lay right over and corner surprisingly well, though. In the end - WR450>WR250R on the track if for nothing else except for the (basically) unlimited power available on the 450, in my opinion. Hmmmm… knobbies probably make a big difference…retest?

Next up…trail riding. This is the most important test, since this is what I would really like to do with this little monster.

Next Up: The MX Track Cont'd