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Poncho and Lefty

Me and Randy rode about 1,700 miles along the border of New Mexico and Arizona border. There are quite a few places I've been dreaming about that we got to visit on this ride.

I got to put my new Yamaha WR250R to it's test as a full on adventure bike. The weather was awesome as we rode in freezing temps sometimes with rain, snow, sleet and glazed black ice.

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Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Highfive

We depart from Lake Isabel up the mountain on a nice looking two track called the Cisneros Trail. Well, at least it looked nice....on the U.S. Forest Service MVUM maps that I downloaded. So much for planning! I mean it was ok for me, but a little rough on my Trail-mates....especially the Exxon Valdez towing half of Cabelas on board.

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Bottom of Ongtupqa and Back

Ongtupqa is supposedly the Hopi word used to describe the Grand Canyon. (It's a Wikipedia fact...)

This is where we're headed, from Tucson, Arizona to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back. A thousand miles round trip in four and a half days. A head-on motorcycle crash captured on film. Romance and rejection. Vicious reptiles.

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HighFive Goes Dragon Hunting

You ever notice how the best of trips seem to take on a life of their own? Events just occur that you never could have predicted, and shazaam, opportunity is knocking at your door! The only question that remains is whether or not you seize the moment. Well....I'm proud to say, for once in my life I actually heard that knock, opened the door wide, and ran through it.

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Death Valley

Death Valley Views

A Weekend Wandering on a WRR

Wandered around Death Valley National Park Veteran’s Day weekend. Thought I’d share some of the views to warm those in colder climes and remind those who’ve been there. (Apologies for all the metal mule porn - real mules do show up later).

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Summer Vacation

Skierd's Summer Vacation

Its been a long time since I had a voluntary vacation from work and school, 10 years this summer to be exact. I had been planning a long road trip off and on for the last few years, but always ended up having to cancel due to lack of job, lack of money, or lack of suitable vehicle. This year, no such excuses.

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